How do I find the right place for my trip?


How to find a camping or parking space in the portal:
1. select the menu item "Places"
2. all campsites and pre-defined filters are now displayed
3. on the left side you will find all filters. Here you can also choose whether you are looking for a campingplace or a pitch



This possibility is also offered by our App:
1. select the menu item "places"
2. at the top you can choose between camping or pitches
3. at the top right you can use the magnifying glass to search directly for a place in a certain region or town
4.With the funnel symbol, located in the upper right corner, you can set specific filters.

You can also use the app to find a camping or parking space near your location:
1. select the menu item "Pitches
2. select the card symbol (next to funnel and magnifying glass) in the upper right corner
3. click on the GPS icon at the bottom right
4. the map zooms in on your location and shows you camping sites or pitches in your area

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